“The most affordable, good quality and attractive swimwear in the market.“

These 3 points are the main strengths of our brand. Besides a big collection for ladies and men, Lentiggini swimwear is famous for its kids’ collection. Starting from baby size 62 up to women’s size 50 and men XXL beach shorts anyone can find something suitable for him- or herself.

Lentiggini is part of Van Gennip Textiles (VGT); an import and export, family company from the Netherlands in baby-, kids-, sleep-, beach- and swimwear. VGT, designs, produces and distributes 6 affordable fashion brands in over 50 countries worldwide to over 1100 customers like boutiques, online stores, department & chain stores, super and hypermarkets.

The company has one of the highest rate of selling points in the Netherlands with private labels and their 6 brands; Dirkje babywear, DJ Dutchjeans kidswear, Lentiggini swimwear, Mila beachwear, Charlie Choe sleepwear and Koko Noko babywear.

More information about VGT can be found here.

„ We would love to welcome you to our family“ – VGT Team


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